AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-09-14fix some warningsHEADmasterJohannes Hofmann
2014-03-09don't crash if screen dump failsJohannes Hofmann
2014-01-16Added tag rel_0_4_0 for changeset b41825bdcb96Johannes Hofmann
2014-01-16prepare 0.4.0Johannes Hofmann
2014-01-16update READMEJohannes Hofmann
2014-01-16update ChangeLogJohannes Hofmann
2014-01-16update spec fileJohannes Hofmann
2014-01-16add required NEWS fileJohannes Hofmann
2014-01-16add null checkJohannes Hofmann
2014-01-16update copyrightJohannes Hofmann
2013-11-20fix up/down keys in viewpoint chooserJohannes Hofmann
2013-11-01compute parameters in find_peak_cb()Johannes Hofmann
2013-10-19compute view and nick if only one peak is knownJohannes Hofmann
2013-10-16mergeJohannes Hofmann
2013-10-16whitespace fixJohannes Hofmann
2013-10-13fix focal length for images in portrait formatJohannes Hofmann
2013-10-11fix indentationJohannes Hofmann
2013-10-11remove compute buttonJohannes Hofmann
2013-10-11call comp_params() automatically on release when more than 1 hill is markedJohannes Hofmann
2013-10-11don't update coordinates of marked hillsJohannes Hofmann
2013-10-10use proper distance for distortion correctionJohannes Hofmann
2012-11-18fix urlsJohannes Hofmann
2012-11-17update READMEJohannes Hofmann
2012-11-17fix warningJohannes Hofmann
2012-11-17fix warningJohannes Hofmann
2012-10-07fix compilation with fltk-1.3.xJohannes Hofmann
2009-07-07remove data directoryJohannes Hofmann
2009-07-02update spec fileJohannes Hofmann
2009-06-22Added tag rel_0_3_2 for changeset b821e9da8a2aJohannes Hofmann
2009-06-22ChangeLogJohannes Hofmann
2009-06-22NEWS->ChangeLogJohannes Hofmann
2009-06-22NEWS->ChangeLogJohannes Hofmann
2009-06-22reset focused mountain on middle mouse clickJohannes Hofmann
2009-06-11donationJohannes Hofmann
2009-06-07clarify format() callJohannes Hofmann
2009-06-07CopyrightJohannes Hofmann
2009-06-07remove unused GipfelWidget::SampleModeJohannes Hofmann
2009-06-07prepare 0.3.2Johannes Hofmann
2009-06-06set_labels and redraw after hide/unhideJohannes Hofmann
2009-06-06NEWsJohannes Hofmann
2009-06-06add manual hide / unhideJohannes Hofmann
2009-05-29update gipfelweb Makefile and html scriptJohannes Hofmann
2009-05-28NEWSJohannes Hofmann
2009-05-28use %lf for scanning and %f for printing doublesJohannes Hofmann
2009-05-28mergeJohannes Hofmann
2009-05-28Backed out changeset 125f6e822a70Johannes Hofmann
2009-05-28don't access m if it's NULLJohannes Hofmann
2009-05-20NEWSJohannes Hofmann
2009-05-20factor out ScanImage classJohannes Hofmann
2009-05-19don't show labels of hills not on imageJohannes Hofmann