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flpsed -b -t name="Hans Meier" -t street="Haupstr. 14"
-## Mac OS X
-To compile flpsed on Mac OS X Panther, first make sure you have Fink
-installed. Make sure Fink is set up to install unstable packages.
-(See the Fink Docs about this at the Fink website.)
-Then use Fink to install the following packages.
-Apple X11, xfree, or xorg
- If you choose Apple X11, make sure you install X11-SDK which is
- found on the Panther install disks.
-DO NOT INSTALL the Fink package called fltk, as this appears to be for
-building aqua fltk applications rather than X11 apps.
-You must unset the C-preprocessor macro __APPLE__ to get flpsed to compile
-under OS X. This is can be done by calling
-"CPPFLAGS=-U__APPLE__; export CPPFLAGS" before running "./configure".