AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-11-12replace strncpy, stncat with strcpy, strcat to avoid compile warningHEADmasterJohannes Hofmann
2020-11-12.hgignore -> .gitignore + adjustmentsJohannes Hofmann
2020-11-11remove tools directoryJohannes Hofmann
2020-11-11remove obsolete Mac OS X instructions from README.mdJohannes Hofmann
2020-11-11adjust README markdownJohannes Hofmann
2020-11-11README->README.mdJohannes Hofmann
2015-04-28Added tag rel_0_7_3 for changeset 314aabb94517Johannes Hofmann
2015-04-28prepare 0.7.3Johannes Hofmann
2015-04-28ChangeLogJohannes Hofmann
2015-04-18use signed variable to store read(2) return valueJohannes Hofmann
2014-06-09fix -Werror=format-security buildJohannes Hofmann
2014-01-08remove unused variablesJohannes Hofmann
2013-09-26Added tag rel_0_7_2 for changeset 5dabf4793f5aJohannes Hofmann
2013-09-03prepare 0.7.2Johannes Hofmann
2013-09-03fix desktop fileJohannes Hofmann
2013-09-02Added tag rel_0_7_1 for changeset fc6ac86dfcf5Johannes Hofmann
2013-09-02prepare 0.7.1Johannes Hofmann
2013-07-29add icon and desktop fileJohannes Hofmann
2011-09-20Added tag rel_0_7_0 for changeset 038dba3897a1Johannes Hofmann
2011-09-20use scroll_to() instead of position()Johannes Hofmann
2011-09-20prepare 0.7.0Johannes Hofmann
2011-09-20bring in utf8 changes from fltk2 branchJohannes Hofmann
2011-07-11ChangeLogJohannes Hofmann
2011-07-11detect pdf by looking at magic number instead of file extensionJohannes Hofmann
2011-07-09Added tag rel_0_5_3 for changeset 2aa218b63eccJohannes Hofmann
2011-07-07whitespace and copyrightJohannes Hofmann
2011-07-07whitespace and copyrightJohannes Hofmann
2011-07-07ChangelogJohannes Hofmann
2011-07-07sync font size and color with UIJohannes Hofmann
2010-08-15implement PSEditWidget::rel_move() with PSEditWidget::move()Johannes Hofmann
2009-09-07show current file name in window titleJohannes Hofmann
2009-09-07ChangeLogJohannes Hofmann
2009-09-07NEWS -> ChangeLogJohannes Hofmann
2009-09-07rm ChangeLogJohannes Hofmann
2009-09-07prepare 0.5.3Johannes Hofmann
2009-03-04prepare 0.5.3_pre1Johannes Hofmann
2009-03-04fix scroll_to_end() when scroll is higher than the documentJohannes Hofmann
2009-03-04fix printf() format warnings (reported by Kapil Hari Paranjape)Johannes Hofmann
2009-03-04fix const related warnings reported by gcc 4.3.3 (via Kapil Hari Paranjape)Johannes Hofmann
2009-01-15Added tag rel_0_5_2 for changeset 1c58e5cd6005Johannes Hofmann
2009-01-15prepare 0.5.2Johannes Hofmann
2009-01-15update copyrightJohannes Hofmann
2009-01-15update copyrightJohannes Hofmann
2009-01-15update copyrightJohannes Hofmann
2009-01-15update copyrightJohannes Hofmann
2009-01-15avoid warningJohannes Hofmann
2009-01-15update NEWSJohannes Hofmann
2009-01-15add virtual destructors for PSParser and PSWriterJohannes Hofmann
2009-01-15fix warning about signed / unsigned comparisonJohannes Hofmann
2009-01-15whitespaceJohannes Hofmann